What My Clients Are Saying

Jeff, Entrepreneur

Let me start with admitting that when Michelle and I first started having conversations on the need for a Life Coach I was a skeptic.  I really wasn’t sure what the experience would offer me and or my business.  Let me tell you that after only a few sessions I had completely changed my opinion.  I am very grateful for having the opportunity work with Michelle and have her guidance in helping me strive for success and navigate both life and business issues while also giving me the ability to see things through varying lenses and angles. 
Michelle’s process is both methodical as well as spontaneous.  She’s straight and to the point, with a balance of grace, fun and compassion.  She’s a stand for what I wanted to create and pushed me to create larger goals than I thought were achievable.  While initially I started working with her from a career perspective, Michelle challenged me to look at all areas of my life while working with her. 
Through this process below are just a few of the things I accomplished:

  • I have developed greater self-awareness and strive to be intentional with everything I do

  • I have developed greater self-confidence and ability to acknowledge the successes I, my company and those closest to me have achieved. 

  • I have seen the accelerated growth of my business and achieve both business and personal goals that I at first, I didn’t think were possible.

  • We have doubled my business revenue over the last 24 months and am consistently adding 1 ½ to 2 new million-dollar clients every month

  • We have created multiple channel partnerships that are paying dividends

  • I have restructured the key management team within my organization

  • We have implemented repeatable processes/procedures that have created huge efficiencies, reduced cost and added to profitability

  • Personally, I have implemented a consistent and fun exercise regiment, I have lost 25 pounds and I am more Present with my family than ever before.

Working with Michelle opened my eyes that having a confidant that can support you in making decisions and setting goals is essential.  This is especially true in the executive suite where it’s kind of lonely and often you don’t know who to trust or what you can say to who. 
In working with Michelle, she displayed passion and loyalty throughout the entire time we worked together and I could not be more thankful for what she has taught me and what the experience has provided me.

Leslie, Executive

"I began working with Michelle at a midpoint in my career in which I found myself with a handful of career & life planning questions that I was unable to get to the bottom of. I found that I couldn't articulate many of these questions well and during our coaching work Michelle shared her special gift for listening and then translating what I couldn't express; it was immensely helpful.! Her professionalism, experience, and warmth were instilled in each coaching session and she made our dialogue easy and fun. I found the work I completed with Michelle to be valuable from both a career and personal perspective and I highly encourage anyone considering coaching to explore working with Michelle. She lends both an intelligent and refreshing perspective!"

Brandon, Entrepreneur

"Any successful person knows that there is an extreme value in having a coach to support you and see things from a different perspective.  Michelle has a keen sense of getting to the core of where the obstacle might be and presents it in a way that is insightful so that her clients can discover solutions they hadn’t thought of before.  What makes a good coach is their ability to listen.  What makes Michelle a powerful coach is that she combines listening, acknowledgement, and helps move through core issues quickly.  This allows me to form a solid action plan to meet my desired goals."


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