You Can't Do It!

May 9, 2018


Last week, I heard these four words multiple times in a matter of minutes.  


I have a Mini Cooper…and I LOVE it!  It’s ME!  And it’s small…definitely not a family car. Given that I don’t have kiddos…it works for me. Until I was watching my 2 nephews and found out I was taking a 3rdboy home after practice.  Practice that consisted of a lot of lacrosse sticks, helmets, shoes, baseball bats, backpacks etc. etc. etc.  I had the “oh shit” moment when I found out.  What the heck was my brother in law thinking?!?    How am I going to make this work…???


When I picked them up, all 3 boys told me over and over this is not going to work.  You can’t get everything in this little car including us. You can’t do it!  I had two options:


Give in and agree, this isn’t going to work.  I can’t do it!




Get creative and make it happen!


In the moment I declared, we’re making this happen.  It may not look pretty, (and trust me…it didn’t) but we’ll make it happen.  Were there people watching and laughing at me and our predicament?  ABSOLUTELY!   And I laughed along with them.   


How many times have you heard these very words?  From your boss, family, friends…heck...even yourself.  Four little words that have amazing power.  Power to either stop us in our tracks orpush us to look at how we can do it.  


This week I’m calling you forth. You CAN:


Create the career you’ve always desired

Balance work and play

Take care of yourself

The relationship of your dreams

Do It and be Happy with Yourself


If you believe you can, you will!  Choose believing in yourself and believe you can!!  I believe in you… YOU CAN DO IT!


Believe in yourself, believe in others…imagine what that can create?



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