Head vs. Heart - who's winning the game in your life?

September 30, 2015

Playing the game of life…
This summer I went to one of my nephews little league baseball games. I showed up a tad late and went over to him. 
"Who's winning?"
His response "I don't know."
There he was, happy as can be, eating his sun flower seeds, laughing and talking to his friends....not caring whether his team was winning or losing.
He was just enjoying the moment.  
Let’s face it, most of us would say that the game is about the end result – winning of course – so how are those kiddos so happy?!? 
Hmmmmm…as adults how often do we do things with our head versus our heart? 
Where else does that happen in our lives? 
That first coffee date, firstkiss, that first 5lbs lost of a 50 lbs goal, that first job or that first client that leads you down the path towards the career you desire...
We're so focused on the end (a.k.a. thinking with our head), that we begin questioning immediately:


  • How will I lose that next pound?

  • Is this my future husband/wife?

  • What's my next move at work?

  • Where should I really be?

  • Will I win?

And what’s the cost of that?  I’d assert a ton of pressure, stress and not being who we truly are at our core essence.
So what if we chose a different path?



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