Resistance - What's on the other side?

October 26, 2017

For the last two months I’ve been training to run my first half marathon.  I found a training plan online an


d followed the plan to a tee.  I ran on warm days, cooler autumn days, through rain and shine. I prepared for just about anything that would happen on the day of my run.  I had my plan:

  • My pace was set: 9:17 a mile

  • I don’t drink anything during my runs, no matter how far I go

  • I don’t ever have to use the bathroom

  • I don’t walk at all

The week leading up to the run, I watched the weather closely, ensuring I had the proper “gear.”  I was all set!!!  Or so I thought …
The morning of the half marathon came and it was the perfect temperature … 60 degrees, a little mist, nothing I hadn’t run in before.  As I started the run, I was in a comfortable stride, had my music playing and got into my normal rhythm.  And then things shifted …

  • I was crazy thirsty

  • 5 miles in and I had to use the bathroom (What the heck?!?)

  • Dropping temperatures throughout my run … that lovely 60 degrees turned into 50

  • Oh … and I was running directly into 20-25 MPH winds


  • My pace was completely off!

In my head, all I could think was “what the f’ is going on?!  Can I finish?  Maybe this just isn’t meant to be…”  Throughout the run, I began to question …

  • Why are all these obstacles showing up?  What does it mean?

  • Where do I / we stop when we’re faced with these obstacles in every area of our life? 

  • Do I / we find a different way to accomplish the ultimate goal even if it doesn’t look the same way we thought it would look? OR …

  • Do I / we just stop?

With these questions in mind, instead of quitting, I shifted my mindset.  I realized that giving in to the resistance meant I would be giving up on my goal and myself.  And that cost was too high.                   
So instead I …

  • Used the bathroom

  • Drank water

  • Walked during every water station

  • Covered my hands as much as possible with my shirt

Guess what?!  I finished!!  Did it look the way I thought?  Nope!  BUT I accomplished what I set out to … completing my first half marathon!
I leave you with this question … are you giving in to the resistance or fighting against it to achieve what you really want?
Believe in yourself, believe in others…what could that create?

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